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Last Updated on March 8th, 2008
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STATUS: MMA 170 lb. fighter.

HT: 5-9 3/4 WT: 170

DOB: August 24, 1973 In: Houlton, Maine

CHILDHOOD HEROES: “Hmmm…childhood heroes…like most MMA fighters I’d say Bruce Lee and Marvelous Marvin Hagler.”

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: “Growing up I was interested in herpotology, which is kind of a nerdy thing. It’s the study of reptiles and amphibians. Now I like computers and video games - Xbox 360. I’m still a geek.”

NICKNAMES: “The Irish Hand Grenade. My friends growing up called me Big D, for my last name.”

FAVORITE MOVIES: “Boondock Saints. The whole Star Wars, all the episodes. Braveheart. I’m also a big western fan. Deadwood on HBO. All the old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns - Pale Rider, Hang ‘Em High.”

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: “Deadwood right now is by far my favorite. Entourage too.”

MUSICAL TASTES: “All-time favorite is Elvis. Next is Cake. Ben Folds.”

EARLY FIGHTING MEMORY: “I guess really fighting when I was 14. I had my first amateur boxing match. I won a decision. And it was against somebody that had 10 fights. I remember that feeling, feeling really good. It was my first fight. Having all those feelings of doubts, facing all that and winning.”

FIRST JOB: “Dishwasher at Bonanza in Bangor, Maine (age 15).”

FIRST CAR: “1972 Buick Skylark, candy-apple red with a white canvas roof. All leather interior.”

FAVORITE MEAL: “I like lobster and liguini. I love Italian. My favorite single food is the potato. Doesn’t matter how it comes - baked, mashed. For dessert I’m a cookie freak.”

FAVORITE BREAKFAST CEREAL: “It’s kind of boring but I like Cracklin’ Oat Bran. I go crazy over it, eat boxes and boxes of it.”

FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR: “Cookies and cream.”

PRE-FIGHT FEELING: “Recently I’ve been very, very relaxed. Calm. Before I was always worried about being on the ground. I dwelled on the takedown, and trying to stop the takedown. Now I’m at the point that I don’t worry about it. I’m very, very confident on the ground. Now before the fight my thoughts are shifting to winning, on how I can win. Now I don’t question the win or loss, I just question how I’m gonna win.”

GREATEST CAREER MOMENT: “I’ve enjoyed most of ‘em. The greatest moment of my career…I would have to say the greatest moment of my career I really remember and enjoyed aren’t the fights in the ring. It’s the ones in sparring. With Rich Franklin and Jorge Gurgel. Those ones that led up to the fights. The friendships I’ve made in my career. Those are the things I really think about.”

MOST PAINFUL MOMENT: “Actually it would be the fight with Melvin (Guillard). I was still injured from the Joe (Stevenson) fight - AC joint, shoulder, clavicle. I wish I had waited the nine months for my shoulder to heal. I really thought that I was gonna beat him anyways. It was just real disappointing. I still think about it. When he slammed me, my shoulder and clavicle separated. When I think, Which fight could I do over again?, it’s the Melvin fight. My shoulder didn’t fully heal until March 2006. I fought Melvin in November 2005. I’ve won five in a row since, four by submissions.”

WORST INJURY: “I would say that. I’ve been cut a million times. I get cut real easily. I broke my cheekbone in a fight. That kept me out nine months. That’s how long the injury stayed with me.”

FAVORITE FIGHTERS TO WATCH: “I like to watch my friends fight most. I have a team. Rich Franklin. Jorge Gurgel. I can’t wait till Pat Miletich fights Renzo Gracie in IFL. Pat was always a hero of mine as an adult. I really like Pat a lot. I like to watch Mirko Cro Cop kick. I’m just in awe of some of his abilities. You’re always in danger with him, unless you get the guy on the ground.”

FUNNY FIGHTING MEMORY: “As an amateur I fought a kid and he shit himself during the fight. I think I was 15. Unfortunately he had on white shorts. Kind of gross but kinda funny. The cup and straps kept it in.”

EMBARRASSING FIGHTING MEMORY: “I don’t know. For me to be embarrassed, I don’t know. I guess the Melvin fight was the most embarrassing to me. Losing the fight and not being able to perform like I expected was embarrassing and upsetting.”

PEOPLE QUALITIES MOST ADMIRED: “The biggest quality that I like is loyalty. It’s nice to see people loyal nowadays. When you have all the deception going on, loyalty is very important to me. It’s hard to find loyal, loyal friends.”

FAMILY: Wife, Lara; daughters, Monica, Alexis, Emma; son, Duncan.”

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